Vision & Mission

Our Vision

is to help each of us find a meaningful connection to the power of Love (God) within our own Deep Heart in order to heal and transform ourselves, each other, and our world.

Hummingbird and the Lily

Our Mission is Three-Fold:

small leaf bulletTo inspire and illuminate each of us to live up to our true potential

small leaf bulletTo offer a spiritual framework for living a joyful, meaningful, healthy & fulfilled life

small leaf bulletTo work together to Help Love Win (pay it forward)

Give it Forward and Help LOVE Win!

Our Passion

We are inspired to help all of us find and deepen our connection to our Authentic Self – the spiritual self that is unlimited. We believe that each of us came into this lifetime to develop more fully specific qualities such as compassion, integrity, right action and wisdom, and also to use our unique personal gifts and skills to create a better world.

Our Focus

All of our resources, products, programs, tele-seminars, and on-line courses help us awaken and discover who we really are, find what our true purpose is, and discover how we came to contribute and be of service in this lifetime.

Our Path

By Living with an Awakened Spirit, we live in right relationship with self, others, our Earth and the Creator – honoring and respecting all.

Our Divine Directive

“Love is the answer to all of humankind’s miseries. It alone is the healing salve that will comfort and help in the new millennium.”

Our Guiding Principles for learning to use Love as a Universal healing agent:

small leaf bulletBecome a student of Love that you may know its power in your own life, for only then will you be authentic in passing it to others;

small leaf bulletUse love instead of hate by cultivating a loving heart to create peace within, thus contributing to lasting peace in the world;

small leaf bulletAwaken to the truth that you are an embodiment of Divine Love and are meant to step forward as leaders in this upcoming golden age;

small leaf bulletGive comfort to those in despair for they have forgotten their way Home.


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