Requesting an Intuitive Energy Reading

Schedule an Intuitive Reading

with Meredith Young-Sowers, D. Div.

To Request an Intuitive Reading

Complete the online application (press the blue button):

At the end of the application:

  • press the send button and your application will be forwarded to Stillpoint
  • you will automatically be directed to the checkout page to pay for your session
  • once Stillpoint receives both, you’ll be contacted for an appointment

Be sure you have indicated the situation, (physical, emotional and/or spiritual) that you want Meredith to focus most of her attention on. Your answers will help Meredith focus your time together most effectively so you can more clearly understand what is behind your present problem, what your body is telling you and what you can do about it. She is extremely intuitive and will have completed your energy evaluation before you speak on the telephone.

Meredith integrates what you’ve told her as well as what she’s discovered intuitively. This is not a psychic reading but a total body, mind and spirit Energy Evaluation that interprets the cellular memories within your body and energy fields to reveal the underlying causes that precipitated your illness or imbalance of life-stresses. She will focus on that which will be most useful for your healing and spiritual growth.

To Mail your application instead of filling it out online

Stillpoint Foundation
22 Stillpoint Lane – PO Box 953
Walpole, NH 03608
For questions:

call Stillpoint at 603-756-9281

A client session consists of three components:

small leaf bulletBefore meeting with the client, Meredith does an intuitive “scan” and energetic interpretation – one-hour preparation

small leaf bulletPersonal session with the client – one-hour via telephone

small leaf bulletFollow-up email(s) to encourage client to continue the healing work discussed with the client.

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Meredith will focus

on that which will be most useful for your healing and spiritual growth.

Upon receipt of your application and payment information, we will schedule your appointment with Meredith.

Tulip bulletWe recommend you call for an appointment several weeks in advance since Meredith only does a limited number of in-depth consultations each month.

Tulip bulletMeredith does her Energy Evaluation with you by telephone and records the session in an MP3 audio format. We email the link to you so you can listen often to the wisdom offered.
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She will also recommend practices, routines, programs and/or meditations and visualizations that will enhance your healing.

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On the day and time of your appointment, please telephone Meredith directly at (603) 756-9281. Be sure that you are calling on Eastern Time since Meredith lives in New Hampshire.

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If you miss your appointment time, you will forfeit your fee because appointments with Meredith are tightly scheduled.

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