Radiant Peace Practice

You Can Practice Peace Too!

In just a few minutes a day, you can be a vital force for change in a world where violence and abuse are destroying million of people’s lives and our Earth.


Please join all of us here at Stillpoint and around the world in the practice of Radiant Peace.

Why? Because this easy practice is a powerful way to create peace within yourself, those you love and on our Planet. Working together we can generate the energy of peaceful solutions, justice for all, and love for yourself – your family – and all beings.

Yes, we can make a difference – a HUGE difference!

Radiant Peace Practice

simple yet powerful!

Sit quietly with your hands over your heart – your soul space.

Take a breath and breathe down into your Deep Heart.

First nourish yourself with acceptance, kindness and love.

Now feel the energy of Radiant Peace flowing to those you love – your partner, children, friends, colleagues.

Finally allow the energy of Radiant Peace to flow out to Mother Earth and all beings.

Relax your hands – you have done more for yourself and others than you can possibly imagine.

Picture the golden energy of Peace radiating from self to others to all.

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