Women Moving Through Breast Cancer Program



Women Moving Through Breast Cancer Program

by Dr Meredith Young-Sowers

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Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers’ Women Moving Through Breast Cancer Program offers you a loving and empowering way to help reframe your current circumstances and unleash your body’s natural healing response.

It is designed specifically to assist women challenged by a diagnosis of breast cancer as well as prevent this disease.

This “heal-at-home course” takes you through four stages of holistic healing over a period of seven weeks with each element building upon the previous work you will be doing.

Through inner dialogue, exercises that open you to greater awareness, and meaningful journal writing, you discover where core imbalances originate and how to reintegrate your spiritual energy with your emotions and your body’s desire to heal.

As you follow Meredith’s guidance, you will connect with your deep heart from which you can enhance your healing as you take hold of your life in a new way.

As you shift your perspective on how you can heal, you will:

Experience the inner divine power of Love and how that can make healing easier and more complete.

Learn to trust your own deep knowing and authentic voice in relationship to those you love.

Re-discover your unlimited creative potential to bring greater meaning to your life as you choose the ways you will use your time, energy and talent.

Gain greater confidence and self-assurance in realizing the necessity of taking time for your own needs in order to heal.

Learn to respond differently to the people that you associate with the pain in your life in order to find an inner peacefulness.

Enhance the energy of self-love and learn how to integrate it into your body for nourishment.

Create a new season of your life by actively nurturing your new beginnings.


– 80 pages of specific teachings, practices and exercises
– 2 CD’s by Meredith that highlight and summarize the energetic nature of a woman’s reproductive system.
– contained in a 3-ring album

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