Postcards From Heaven

Guidance from the Angels through their messengers the flowers

Angel Guidance for You

In 2017 Meredith was deeply inspired to begin painting with watercolors. She began to hear angelic messages from the flowers she was painting – guidance meant not just for her but for our world. And just as in her best-selling product, The Angelic Messenger Cards, in each Postcard from Heaven, Meredith interprets the image of the flower and the angelic wisdom being offered for healing and empowerment for each person and Mother Earth.

Meredith Young-Sowers, as clairaudient and clairvoyant, is able to interact and dialogue with angels, spirit guides and non-physical spiritual teachers. Her personal story of spiritual awakening and connection to an angelic teacher, Mentor, is documented in her bestselling classic Agartha: a Journey to the Stars.

Sample of a Postcard from Heaven
This message comes to you today to alert you to an opportunity that sits on your shoulder waiting and wanting to manifest. When you woke up this morning, were you allowing new blessings to emerge or were you buried in yesterday’s anxieties, preoccupations or unmet desires? Life is fleeting and soon you’ll be with us, your angelic teachers, preparing for your next incarnation. But, while you are presently in physical life, it is worth reminding you that you can blossom in any way you choose–right now. There is nothing holding you back but you…..
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Waking Up Postcard From Heaven

Waking Up

Here are two ways to enjoy your Postcard:

leaf bulletPrint out the Postcard and post it where it reminds you often of your deep connection to Spirit and your Angels.

bkLeafBullet-65Forward a copy of your Postcard (that you received from Meredith) to friends, family, people in need and others who need encouragement.

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