Postcards From Heaven

Guidance from the Angels through their messengers the flowers

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people believe in angels? And almost all of them received guidance that was helpful and reassuring.

Meredith Young-Sowers is not only one of those individuals, but as a clairaudient
and clairvoyant she interacts and dialogues with angels, spirit guides and non-physical spiritual teachers. Her personal story of spiritual awakening and connection to an angelic teacher, Mentor, is documented in her bestselling classic
Agartha: a Journey to the Stars.

In 2017 Meredith was deeply inspired to begin painting with watercolors. She began to hear angelic messages from the flowers she was painting – guidance meant not just for her but for our world. And just as in her best-selling product, The Angelic Messenger Cards, in each Postcard from Heaven, Meredith interprets the image of the flower and the angelic wisdom being offered for healing and empowerment for each person and Mother Earth.

Waking Up Postcard From Heaven

Waking Up

Here are 4 ways to Help Love Win:

leaf bulletPrint out the Postcard and post it where it reminds you often of your deep connection to Spirit and your Angels.

leaf bulletForward a copy of your Postcard (that you received from Meredith) to friends, family, people in need and others who need encouragement.

leaf bulletPerform a good deed or act of kindness once a day.

leaf bulletThank a caregiver or gift someone with a set of Angelic Messenger Cards (click here)

Want to receive a new Postcard from Heaven every month and experience the love and beauty being conveyed to you?

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Angelic Messenger Cards

Angelic Messenger Cards

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Radiant Peace Practice

Radiant Peace Practice