Angelic Messenger Card Guidance



Finding the inner discipline to stay consistent with your daily spiritual practices

You have drawn this card of willpower to alert you that the quality and time spent in your spiritual work and study needs to be re-evaluated. This card suggests that you require a more direct relationship with the Divine so that you can feel more aligned throughout your daily activities.

You may be feeling uneasy about your meditations and the time you spend in prayer. You may feel stalled, or perhaps stale, in your inner work. You may be questioning the effectiveness of your spiritual practices. You may also be aware that you are easily distracted, that your life seems too busy for finding adequate time to meditate, and/or that you have no quiet place in which you can be alone. You may feel also that it is time to take the next step to deepen your relationship with God. This card is asking you to consider your means for growing spiritually.


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