Intuitive Energy Readings

Meredith’s Readings Can Reveal

significant negative energy that holds individuals captive from a fulfilling & healthy life.

How you can benefit by working with Meredith


As an intuitive, Meredith is able to sense the emotional blocks, physical imbalances, old beliefs & perceptions, and negative energies that can hold an individual hostage to creating a healthier, more balanced and fulfilling life.

Meredith believes that healing is first, a product of understanding what has interfered with the natural flows of essential energy to the physical organs and systems of your body and where your mind as personality has overridden the promptings of your Soul’s true guidance.

And second, healing is putting the power of your choices in alignment with your deepest intentions.

Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers

Enhance your healing

no matter what your present situation might be.

Stillpoint Chakra

Revitalize Your Daily Living


In her time with you, Meredith will explore the best way for you to enhance your healing no matter your present situation, illness, relationship problems, life challenges, or emotional/ physical imbalances.

Because your energetic body holds the databases of information about your health or lack of health, as well as the spiritual challenges and opportunities opening to you, Meredith can give you the insights and understanding you need to create new and
better outcomes.

Without a doubt, you’ll find the guidance and help offered to be timely and significant for your personal healing and spiritual well-being.

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