How I Work With You

“How I work with you when doing an Intuitive Energy Evaluation”

Intuitive Energy Evaluation

It will be helpful for you to know what is involved in an Intuitive Energy Evaluation and what you can expect in our initial consultation.


I do an extensive energy reading of your chakra system and your physical body, focusing most directly on the systems and energy fields that relate to your present challenge or problem. I do this intuitive evaluation before we actually have our phone appointment so I can thoughtfully put together not only what is wrong—meaning what is out of balance emotionally and spiritually behind your present situation—but also what is right and useful and will be helpful as tools for your healing and positive change.

Actual physical, geographic distance makes no difference to my findings because I’m using intuitive perception (deep listening through the loving channels of Spirit) to ascertain what is no longer useful to you emotionally and mentally and also what is emerging that can help you take hold of new and bright energy of Spirit to see you through the challenge.

Most of my work is done over the telephone with people calling from their homes or offices. One of the most interesting aspects of this Evaluation is the conversation I have with your physical body. I listen to your body’s wisdom and learn what is having a hard time functioning. Whether you have a tumor, an overactive thyroid, or an infection, for example, the body’s systems and organs have a story to tell. I listen to this story and share with you what is being said. If you understand what is going on in your body, not as pathology—what is wrong—but where the struggle is and what you can do physically, emotionally and spiritually to bring about the positive change that is needed in healing.

My intuitive work

is meant to help you change, heal and progress more successfully with your life.

Nothing is off limits to talk about in our time together.

Often you may want to talk about a situation or set of circumstances that need clarifying and that you’ll feel safe in sharing with me. In a loving and useful way, I help you re-discover the beauty and power of who you really are and bring all of that to your healing efforts.

If you have medical problems, you’ll also want to be working with a physician or health care practitioner to receive official diagnoses, remedies and prescriptions where desired. I do not diagnose illness but am happy to consult with your health care advisor to be sure we are developing a complete picture of your situation.

Thus in our time together, we focus on what is out of balance and what constitutes your true balance, so you can make the necessary inner and lifestyle adjustments to regain and strengthen your total health and well-being. You’ll find our time together will mark a dramatic new beginning because you’ll not only have new information but also the renewed energy and confidence to take hold of your life and its challenges in a more dynamic way.

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