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How the Stillpoint Helping-Hands-Initiative gives people-in-need a “Hands-up”!

Dear Stillpoint Family,

Meredith– “Almost weekly, Spirit gives me the opportunity to help an individual or couple deal with a major loss or life crisis, not as a paying client but pro-bono. It is not that they are poor in spirit, but rather that they cannot get the assistance they need from overburdened social agencies or family & friends.”

The magic of HHI is that we can often give a “hand-up” – practical advice, community support, spiritual & emotional comfort, and modest stipends to help with a rent payment, put enough food on the table to feed hungry kids, pay for car repairs so the person can keep their job, move out of an abusive relationship, get essential medical care.


Sometimes, it is simply to re-affirm that they are not alone, that God knows & cares about their wellbeing. HHI is about being the hands & feet of our Creator in many small ways that matter greatly during times of deep personal loss or severe overwhelm. We often send flowers, cards, text messages of encouragement, and do follow-up counseling sessions.

Thank You . . .

for making a donation to the Stillpoint Foundation and Helping Hands Initiative that supports our efforts so we have enough resources to be effective “foot soldiers.”

Errol Sowers

A Vietnam combat veteran

Errol – “I know how long the negative experiences of war & violence can linger on in the souls of combatants and innocents way beyond the actual occurrences.

As a Vietnam combat veteran, I have witnessed first-hand the destructive effects of “Post-traumatic Stress” and exposure to toxic chemicals such as Agent Orange. I know because I am personally dealing with Parkinson’s disorder attributed to AO and “old emotional stuff ‘ left over from the killing fields. That’s why helping other veterans & their families, as well as, victims of abuse and violence is an important focus of the HHI.

To date we have helped veterans’ families on welfare with needed food, household furnishings, a new safe wood-burning stove (only source of heating) and a new well water pump (restore drinking water).

We have opened our home to both veterans and non-veterans in need of a few days away from daily stress and into a calm loving environment. The “hand-up” is also in giving a person respect and kindness, validating their self-worth, and giving hope for a brighter future.”

Thank you for participating in Helping Hands Initiative.

Without your spiritual and financial support, we could not be making as significant a difference in peoples’ lives as we are. Please consider making a donation:

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When you donate $39 or more to our initiative, you automatically become a member of Meredith’s Circle.
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With deepest gratitude, 
Meredith and Errol

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