Give It Forward Campaign

Help Love Win!

Our World is in need of a shift in direction…and that direction is LOVE.

Give It Forward – Help Love Win Campaign

(thank you for reading to the end to see the power of this initiative)

Stillpoint’s initial efforts to spread love in the world focused on giving a helping hand to those in need. Our Helping Hands Initiative has served those who needed support in many different ways – emotional, spiritual and physical/ financial. Over the past four years we have assisted 60-125 individuals and couples each year.

We recently launched our Give It Forward – Help Love Win Campaign which is the new flagship of our Helping Hands effort. Its purpose is to spread Love, beauty, personal empowerment and greater trust in our shared “oneness” in order to generate positive and desperately needed change.

To serve our mission as a 501C3 nonprofit organization, all of the revenues received go to fund our service projects.

First and always…

hold the intention that Love Will Win in our world to the benefit of all!

We invite you to participate in some or all of our efforts to Pass Love along…

Join Meredith’s Stillpoint Circle for a one-time enrollment fee of $39 (or more). You’ll receive weekly guidance and spiritual insight from Meredith via video, audio and written materials. You may also be part of her private FaceBook Group. (When you donate $39 or more to our initiative you automatically become a member of M’s circle.)

leafBullett2-125Receive a Postcard from Heaven FREE every month when you join Meredith’s Circle. Each postcard features one of Meredith’s original watercolor paintings plus a message from the angels – just as was written in the Angelic Messenger Cards. In this way you will receive additional insight and encouragement for your personal healing and spiritual growth. And we encourage you to e-mail your digital Postcards from Heaven to friends so they can also enjoy.

Buy an original watercolor by Meredith and experience the energy of love and beauty that radiates from each painting. You’ll also receive a personal message from the angels. In this way, the painting takes on a life of its own and becomes very personal and life-sustaining. (Click for Gallery)

Here is how to strengthen your inner authority and your connection to

Divine Presence.

From Meredith

If you’re familiar with the Angelic Messenger Cards, you realize how empowering each card is. And because you draw each card from your own Inner Authority – your soul space, you are listening to the angels’ guidance for you each day. Through the beauty of flowers, who are the messengers of the angels, each of us finds new direction, a greater understanding of what challenges and delights are in front of us and how to stay on our path of spiritual self-discovering.

It was clear that the AMC’s needed to be the heart of our new spiritual mission to “Help Love Win”. And in addition to our Stillpoint efforts, here is how you, as a member of our Stillpoint Community, can participate…”

What Stillpoint is Doing and How You Can Help:

Members of our Stillpoint Community are gifting free sets of the Angelic Messenger Cards to people in need of love and comfort and to caregivers to thank them for their service and to appreciate their contribution.

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To help spread love in the world, we invite you to:

Buy two AMC sets and we will give you a third set FREE to gift as you see fit.

leafBullett2-50Or, we will pass those sets along in your name to those we know will benefit.

Or if you want to make a donation, we’ll take care of sending/delivering sets to others.

When you donate $39 or more to our initiative, you automatically become a member of Meredith’s Circle.

(donations appreciated any time)

Thank you

for your love and your commitment to our world.

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