Daily Guidance From Your

Angelic Messenger Cards

Sit and focus your energy on the question that you have for your life today…or simply quiet your mind and open to whatever guidance the angels are offering.

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The forty-eight cards of the Angelic Messenger Cards deck are a divination system. As the name suggests, you use the cards to discover, or divine, answers to your questions.

As you work with the Angelic Messenger Cards you will become more attuned to your intuition and more readily open to the useful guidance available to you for your life.

People have shared with Meredith how they seem to draw exactly the right card at the right time. This will happen for you too. Why? Because when you draw a card you are aligning with your heart’s desire to understand what is best for your life and to receive the greatest guidance to you through the beauty and wisdom of the flowers.

(Flower images were photographed by Judi A. Winall)