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Welcome to Stillpoint
We offer transformative ways to bring greater joy, meaning, health and abundance into your life.
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2015.01.05 The Radiant Peace Bracelets

"Join us in the Practice of Radiant Peace"

This spiritual invocation is potent because:

        You can call forth this Universal Energy on demand.
         It is always available in abundance.
         It raises consciousness – yours and all beings.
         It transforms fear and anger into peace & harmony.

Be the change Humanity and the Earth needs!

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Free Resources from Meredith
and Stillpoint

Warrior-Mentor Initiative for Veterans with Errol

Welcome to Stillpoint and the teachings of Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers...

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Love Heals All

Each of our programs & resources helps you engage the power of Divine Love and your own spirit to heal your body, your life, and your essential relationships.

The Prayer Room
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Help us, Help many

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"Thousands of people look to Meredith and Stillpoint for Daily Guidance, our Prayer Room and the Weekly Inspiration."

Your contribution, large or small, helps tremendously in bringing these spiritual resources to individuals around the world.

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Monthly or One Time

"Embark on the most important journey you will ever make"

Hundreds of men and women have identified their greatest opportunities, most significant life challenge, and best way to live with real meaning and purpose.

Now you can, too! Meredith and Errol have synthesized 12 years of testing and live teaching into a dynamic new learn-at home program.

Complete this program and you’ll have a roadmap to experiencing life to the fullest.

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Join the Warrior-Mentor Initiative for Veterans and their supporters who are ready to live a more meaningful and purpose-directed life.

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"Calling all who deeply desire to realize their fullest potential"

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